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Pet Stories


Meet my new two year old patient "FORD" A two year old Pit Bull/Weimaraner mix.

A dog shot by a Thomasville Police officer may have to undergo a rare procedure to try to save its leg. In the meantime I have made an elbow splint for support until he can have a new joint put in. Hoping that immobilizing will make him stronger to endure rigorous surgery.


Here's my new friend Ford. It's going to take him some time to get used to having his paw on the ground again. He's been in the fixator and then in full cast for a while now. In a couple of weeks we hope to add some motion for and allow elbow to bend some.


Well after a little over two weeks of "static" splinting, we have decided to add the Range of Motion to "Fords" splint. He has done remarkably well and has had Physical Therapist working with him to loosen the elbow joint. Originally they thought that he would not have motion due to the severity of the injury, but he has made great progress. Hopefully he can begin to be more active and not favor it as much.



A German Shepherd Mix, 9½ year old. Born with hip dysplasia had to have her RT hip replaced in 2007. She has a current hip dislocation on the LT with a torn ACL on same side. Recently sustained a torn Achilles tendon on the RT which has caused her great discomfort and unable to bear any weight on that side. Due to torn ACL and Hip dislocation on LT, it made for a difficult situation for Maggie to ambulate or stand.

Dr. Drygas suggested a "Hock splint" to stabilize Achilles and allow weight transfer to the RT. It worked well and Maggie is able to stand comfortably with no stress on Achilles.




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