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Pet Bracing

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Williams O&P now offers orthotics and bracing for pets. Whether your pet is a young, active athlete or leads a more sedentary life, injury and disease cause problems that can be addressed with orthotic braces or prosthetic devices.

As with humans, pets sustain injuries to their bones, muscles, joints and ligaments that require bracing to protect the injured area or restrict motion. The reduced function caused by diseases such as cancer, bone tumors, arthritis or degenerative joint disease can be improved by a brace that provides assistance, protection and support. In certain situations a prosthesis may be needed for replacement of a missing leg.

Fortunately, with the advent of modern new materials, we can fabricate devices that weren't possible just a few years ago. Today we are able to make braces and prostheses with ultra-light plastics, cutting-edge carbon fiber and super-strong resins that can withstand even the wear and tear created by very active, very happy pets.


Pet braces and support devices are provided exclusively by referrals from Dr. Kevin Drygas at Capital Veterinary Specialists. We would not want to cause damage to a pet unless a specialist has given us the referral and is there to assist with the process.

Capital Vet Specialists

Capital Veterinary Specialists

Dr. Kevin Drygas


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