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Defined - Orthotics is a discipline where a certified orthotist provides care to patients with disabling conditions of the neuromuscular - skeletal structures of the body by evaluating, designing, fabricating, fitting and aligning "braces".

An orthosis is a device applied to the spine or existing limb giving support or application of corrective forces. The term "Orthotics" is sometimes used interchangeably with shoe "inserts or arch supports". These foot supports are in fact orthoses as well but only for feet.

It would be difficult to list all of the orthoses that can be custom made or fitted from off the shelf varieties of orthoses (braces). There are hundreds of possibilities with variations of each, which are designed specifically for each individual. Williams O & P has supplied all types successfully with guaranteed satisfaction to its loyal patients.

Most devices require a doctor's prescription. Each case is evaluated by a certified orthotist and any suggested changes are discussed with the prescribing physician prior to starting the process.


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